What A Transfer Case Is and When It Should Be Serviced?

If you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle or an all-wheel drive vehicle you may be unaware that your vehicle has a gearbox called a transfer case. This is a part of your four-wheel or all-drive vehicle that shifts power between the axles in your vehicle to improve traction.

The transfer case is very important to your vehicle's handling and traction. It can and does wear out overtime. The case has gears that turn and that are lubricated by fluid additives. The fluid additives will naturally break down over time which can expose the gears in your transfer case to damage from friction.

We at Audi Greenville have a repair team that can inspect your transfer case and make sure it is serviced on a manufacturer recommended basis to ensure safe and efficient operation of your four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle. Come visit us in Greenville, NC if you need to have your transfer case serviced or if you believe there is a leak in the case. We will promptly address the issue.


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