Audi Elaine Concept Showcases An Autonomous Future With Empathetic AI

As of late, Audi has been moving the needle closer and more aggressively towards an autonomous driving future. Some of this technology debuted on the forthcoming A8, while the Elaine Concept showcased in Frankfurt makes further progress in AI, autonomy, and E-Tron technology.

The shape of the Elaine may be familiar to those who saw the E-Tron Sportback prototype in Shanghai earlier this year. It’s powered by one electric motor up front, and two aft to power a quattro all-wheel drive system with 311 miles of range and 429 horsepower. The Elaine also offers level four autonomous driving with pilot-free abilities up to 81 mph (the level 3 system on the A8 can do so up to 31 mph). It also improves on Audi AI, which can learn from the driver, and even empathize with their needs to make better suggestions.

We’re told a production version will arrive in 2019 for the 2020 model year, which is more exciting, still! We’ll keep you updated about all the forthcoming models right here on our blog. In the meantime, if you’d like to experience the current samplings of the four rings, contact our Audi dealership in Greenville, NC at your convenience.


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